Children's Classic Concerts,
46a Fortrose Street,
G11 5LP UK
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Who we are / Our story

Children’s Classic Concerts (CCC) has a serious commitment to making music fun.

We champion classical music in a world full of competing attractions, knowing that if its proven educational and social benefits are to make an impact on the lives of young people, we need to make it accessible and appealing. We provide inspirational experiences delivered by highly-skilled professional musicians in a family-friendly, inclusive atmosphere. An average reach of 13,000 people per year proves that CCC is hitting the right notes for family audiences.

CCC performances inspire future performers, musicians and composers, engage and foster audiences and enhance lives. We are the only organisation in Scotland solely dedicated to delivering tailor-made concerts for children and families, and our expertise in the field is recognized by our partner orchestras such as the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) and The Orchestra of Scottish Opera, and by major supporters such as Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council.

Our concerts have strong, appealing themes and use costumes, props and imaginative technical presentation to hold the attention of young audiences.  They include audience participation to maximise engagement and promote an informal and relaxed atmosphere.  Most crucially the audience are guided through the concert by highly experienced presenters, currently CCC Artistic Directors and popular percussion duo Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox.

CCC places classical music into a wider cultural context in order to increase its accessibility to new audiences. We incorporate other musical genres such as jazz and folk music, dance, theatre and storytelling into our performances in order to appeal to the widest possible audience and ensure that our concerts continue to be a popular choice for young families.

We have three major strands of activity:
  • Full orchestral concerts in partnership with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra
  • Small and large-scale touring ensemble concerts
  • School and community work